it all began with a photographer’s dream.

adrienne bethckal’s roots were in photography. named one of the top photographers by martha stewart weddings in 2014, she has captured her clients fleeting moments artfully over the years.  the launch of her brand, velvet raptor, was a natural step; curating images and beautifully presenting them to tell a story is just as important as capturing them. 

most recently, adrienne has passed on the torch to us— Lindsay ulness + Sarah hrudka behlke. we are lifelong friends and owners of custom bridal design house linyage. since the inception of our brand, we have always manifested paper goods to be an extension of what we offer. after working with velvet raptor for years, both as interns and as part of linyage brand development, we quickly learned that what we had been dreaming up had existed all along. the two companies are the perfect synergy and co-exist in a way that only a match made in heaven can. between our combined training and experience as makers, photographers and designers, velvet raptor feels like home and our passion for the art of creating an heirloom can now exist in a complimentary realm.

Our archival books and stationery are bound with fresh hues of silken velvet in an artisan bindery.  additions to the brand will continue to grow organically with a penchant for aesthetic, our passion for design, and desire to create heritage product that has a place in anyone’s home.  

velvet raptor as quoted by martha stewart weddings, “is like an heirloom in training”.  


Lindsay ulness + Sarah hrudka behlke

photo c/o : Laura rae phtoography